Create private Slack channels

In some instances, you may need a private communication channel during an incident. For example, if a large-scale incident occurs and you need to coordinate information among incident commanders—but not among the other members of your team—opening a private Slack channel for the incident is a best practice.

Runbook setup for private Slack channels

You can create a private Slack channel by using a Runbook step. 

  1. In the FireHydrant left nav, go to Runbooks.
  2. Click the name of the Runbook where you want to add the step.
  3. In the Runbook Edit page, under Available Steps, click Slack.
  4. From the Slack options, next to Create Incident Channel , click Add.
  5. In the Create Incident Channel step, from the Channel Visibility dropdown, select Private.


Note: Private Slack channels don't establish access control around the incident itself; when you create a private Slack channel, the incident it pertains to is still visible to any FireHydrant user in your org.

For a general overview on Runbooks, see this article

Last updated on 2/9/2024