Operational Readiness Checklist

Readiness Checklists can help standardize requirements across your Service catalog, promoting Service maturity and resiliency. For example, you could create a Readiness Checklist whose items ensure certain aspects for a service are accounted for and maintained by Service Owners, then attach it to your Tier 1 Services. If the checklist is adhered to, you’ll have higher confidence in the durability of these services.

Create a new Checklist

In the left nav, click Service Catalog followed by clicking Readiness Checklist. You will see the ability to start your first Checklist under the Create a new Checklist tile. Click Begin to start.

To create multiple Checklists , you'll have the ability to come back to this overview and create more with the + Create new checklist button in the top right corner.

After starting your new Checklist , you'll be prompted with multiple fields as you are in edit mode.

  • Name - Providing this will standardize the naming in the selection dropdown when connecting a checklist to a Service. See the "Connect Checklists to Services" section below to learn more. The Name field is required and will unlock the ability to start adding Checks
  • Description - Writing a description can give context to the checklist purpose.
  • Checklist Owner - Selecting an owning team adds responsibility for who is maintaining this checklist while establishing a point of contact if other collaborators have questions.
  • Connect to Service - Selecting a Service will immediately add this Checklist to a service’s details so users can start validating Checks.
  • Checks - Any number of Checks can be created, with descriptions, inside a Checklist. These allow you to create service standards across services you want the Checklist to apply to. See the "Create & Edit Checks inside a Checklist" section below to learn more.

Clicking the Save Checklist button will submit any new creation or changes.


Create & Edit Checks inside a Checklist

When creating a new Checklist you'll have the ability to add Checks. Clicking + Add a Check will open a modal requiring more information. Here you can name the Check and give a description on what a user needs to do to be able to validate this Check. Clicking Save Check adds it to the list of all available items inside a Checklist. From this point, you can drag to organize Checks for their view in Services. Once finished, click Save Checklist to finalize newly added Checks or edits.

For established Checklists , you can add more Checks by going inside a Checklist and clicking Edit details. Here you can repeat the above steps to add new checks. To edit a given Check , simply click the name, update the fields, and finalize with Save Check. Clicking the "trash can" icon next to each Check will delete the item. If you have services connected and using this Checklist , any addition or removal of a Check will be reflected at the service level. This allows easy addition of a service standard to all connected services with only a few clicks.

Connect Checklists to Services

There are two ways to connect a Readiness Checklist to a Service :

First, when first creating or editing a Readiness Checklist you can select any number of Services to connect to. You can validate this connection by visiting the Connected Services tab inside a Readiness Checklist overview.

Second, you can establish this connection from the Service Details view. Start by clicking Services in the left nav under Service Catalog. Select your service and then click Edit details. In the edit service view, you'll be able to scroll to the Readiness Checklist section to select checklists you think should apply to this service. Click Save edits to apply these changes to the service.

Users will be able view the checklists in the Checklists section of service details. Here they can see a high level count of how many Checks have been completed or expand each checklist to see all checks available and their description.

A user can complete each Check by clicking the empty checkbox once they have met the requirement. The name and description of the Check helps guide users on how to engage with required service standards to promote better service quality. Checks added at the Checklist level will retroactively show up in the Checklist for all services connected.

Removing Checklists from a service will remove all progress on that checklist if re-added at another time.


Checklist Overview

By clicking Readiness Checklist under Service Catalog from the left nav, you will see your Operational Readiness Checklist overview listing all checklists your organization has created. Clicking into a checklist you'll be able to view two sections: Checks & Connected Services. In this view, you can quickly view all Checks. In the Connected Services tab, you'll have a listed view of all services utilizing this checklist with the below important fields.

  • Checks Completed - These are the amount of checks that users have completed for their service.
  • Owning Team - The owner of the service now utilizing this checklist.
  • Last Updated - This date is the last time an action was made to the checklist from the service level.

These three fields give massive insight into how teams are engaging with service standards over time. From this view you can immediately click into a service to see the respective checks completed or not completed. Additionally, you can directly jump to a team for contact purposes on why a checklist is not be adhered to or Last Updated field being too far in the past.


Last updated on 2/9/2024