Post a GIF From Giphy

The Post a GIF from Giphy step looks up a random GIF based on the keywords specified, along with a message with that GIF. Note that by default, we search GIFs with a rating of g. To see GIPHY's content rating levels, visit their documentation.

Note: Although we specify the g rating, we cannot guarantee the appropriateness of the images sent to us from Giphy, as image moderation is done on their side not ours.


Giphy Runbook Step Config

  • Gif Keywords
    • Keywords or search terms used to fetch a random GIF from Giphy
    • You can specify different keywords and search terms on new lines, and we will randomly pick a search term each execution
  • Random Phrase
    • Phrase or quote that will post together with the GIF result

Giphy Runbook Step Condition

Note: You should set the execution condition to Incident Slack channel exists, otherwise this runbook step might fail if it runs when the Slack channel hasn't been created yet.

Here is an example output in Slack from the example configuration in the image above:

Giphy Runbook Step Output

Last updated on 2/9/2024