Sending email notification via Runbooks

You can notify your support or leadership teams with information about an incident using the Email Notification Runbook step. You can use this step to immediately notify teams that an incident has been created, then follow up with more information after you've determined the scope of the incident.

This example automatically sends out an email that communicates the name and severity of an incident when it is opened. It also adds a step to be executed later, notifying the same team with more details about the incident.

See Using template variables in Runbook steps for more information about available variables. 


Formatting the emails

We support basic markdown syntax in the message template field. This allows you to change the font size, styling, and more using markdown syntax.

Note: At this time HTML is not supported in the message template. If this is important to you, reach out and let us know!

Last updated on 2/9/2024