The feature request process at FireHydrant

What's on your mind?

Do you have an idea for how FireHydrant could be even more awesome and useful? Contact our friendly Support team to let us know. Even the smallest little things can help make FireHydrant more robust - so that you can keep everything running smoothly.

You might be asking yourself - what happens to my feature request once it's submitted? This article will help you navigate our product and support team's process, whether you're a new SRE or an experienced DevOps wizard.

How to submit feedback or enhancement ideas

When submitting feedback to FireHydrant, please give a detailed description of:

  • What problem you are attempting to solve
  • What is the impact of this on your operations
  • Any details about your operating environment that would help us better understand/scope your request

Bonus points for helpful screenshots!

Feedback evaluation

When we receive new feedback or an idea for an enhancement, our support team will gather as much information as they can and then send it to be triaged by our Product team. Internally, we then ask a few key questions about new features or enhancements to determine if feedback will be integrated into our product vision or not. We evaluate factors such as:

  1. How many customers would benefit from this change and to what degree?
  2. How does this idea for enhancement relate to the roadmap we're already pursuing?
  3. Would this feature negatively impact the experience of other users?
  4. How much work would be required for a solution, and what are other competing priorities?

It may take some time to collect data before we make a disposition on the feature.  Once we've finished our assessment and determine we'll move forward, we'll assign an overall priority and queue it for roadmap scheduling. If a potential update has a low impact relative to the effort required, or doesn't fit into our current roadmap, it may end up being rejected. If you're curious about the latest features and releases, you can always visit our changelog.

Any questions?

Don't be shy! You know we love to hear from you. Reach out anytime.

Last updated on 2/9/2024