Integrating with Jira

With the Jira integration for FireHydrant, you can enable several automations and mappings. FireHydrant has built-in task management for mid-incident tasks, but our goal is not to replace your project management application.

These are the capabilities enabled by FireHydrant's Jira integration:

  • Creating incident tickets in a Jira project when an incident is created in FireHydrant
  • Creating corresponding tickets in Jira projects when creating Follow-Up tasks from FireHydrant
  • Linking follow-up tickets to their original incident tickets in Jira
  • Assigning users/roles in FireHydrant to Jira tickets
  • Setting users as the Reporter on tickets (Cloud only)

Setting Up

To set up Jira, follow the guide for your respective Jira provider here:

Last updated on 2/9/2024