Integrating with Webex Meetings

FireHydrant supports automated Webex bridge creation via our Webex Meetings integration.  The Webex integration is available to all FireHydrant paid subscribers.

Configuring Webex integration

Note: To configure FireHydrant’s Webex Meetings integration requires a Webex administrator and a user with a FireHydrant owner role. FireHydrant recommends creating the Webex integration using a generic admin account Webex user to prevent potential problems arising from a Webex admin’s departure and subsequent account decommissioning.

  1. From the Integrations page, locate the Webex tile and select the + icon to add the integration.
  2. Click Authorize Application.  This will take you to a Webex login page.
  3. Provide the Webex credentials.  FireHydrant recommends using a generic Webex admin account. Click Sign In.

You can automate Webex Meetings link creation through Runbooks by adding a Webex runbook step.

  1. From a new or existing Runbook, choose Add Step.
  2. From the Runbook step dialog, find the Webex section and select Create a Webex meeting step. Configurable options include the following.  Dynamic templating variables are supported in text fields.
  • Meeting title
  • Meeting agenda
  • Enable joining before the host (Yes/No)
  • Enable auto recording of meeting (Yes/No)


  1. Optionally, enter the execution rules for the runbook step under Conditions & scheduling.
  2. Next click Add Step.
  3. If it’s a new Runbook, enter the Name, and optionally Descriptio n and Owner team.  Specify the Execution rules.
  4. Click Save Runbook.

When the Runbook step is launched during an incident, a Webex Meetings link will appear:


Last updated on 2/9/2024