Linking Alerts to Incidents

If you use Alert Routing to open an incident from an alerting or monitoring tool, then the alert will automatically be linked to the incident that opens.

However, in the case you have an incident already open on FireHydrant and want to link an alert manually, you may do so via the Command Center.

  1. On the Linked Alerts tab, click on '+ Link an Alert'. This will pull up the full list of alerts FireHydrant can read within your linked provider.

  2. Next to the alert you want to attach to the incident, click '+ Attach'.

This will link the alert to the incident.

Linked alerts via Command Center
Linked alerts via Command Center

Marking alerts as primary

Any linked alerts will have a Primary checkbox. If you select this box to set the alert as Primary, it tracks the incident states in FireHydrant. If you don't want a FireHydrant incident to be automatically resolved when the linked external alert is resolved, uncheck this box.

In addition, checking this box also allows you to make use of the Resolve linked alerts Runbook step, which allows you to automatically resolve an alert if the FireHydrant incident it's marked as Primary for is resolved.

Last updated on 2/9/2024