Commenting in Retrospectives

Note: Commenting in Retrospectives is currently available in a private beta.

Users who are participating in a retrospective after an incident are now able to leave comments on any fields where they or their teammates have entered content. Additionally, they can leave comments on starred timeline items both during an incident and after an incident.

Accessing Comments

For any field where comments are available, click the “Comments” button below the field. If comments have been added to that field already, you will see a count of the existing comments.

Accessing Retro Comments

Adding Comments

For any field or timeline item where you can add a comment, you will find an input field at the bottom of each commenting section where you can enter a new comment. The commenting input supports markdown, and so you can add styling, links, block quotes and more to your comments.

Adding Retro Comments

We use Github Flavored Markdown, and you can read more about that style of Markdown in GitHub’s documentation.

Editing and Removing Comments

For comments that you have added to a thread, you are able to edit the content of that comment or remove it altogether.

Editing Retro Comments

Removing Retro Comments

Comments and Exporting Retro PDFs

Because comments are largely internal and review oriented, we are not including comments in PDF exports of retrospectives for any fields or timeline items.

Last updated on 2/9/2024