Reopening incidents

Occasionally, you may need to reopen an incident.

When should I resolve an incident?

You might want to reopen an incident because it was resolved before a fix was verified, or because the customer continues to report the same issue after the fix was deployed.

Note: As a best practice, FireHydrant recommends not resolving an incident until you're sure about any residual impact the incident may have. Don't resolve an incident at the exact time when a fix is deployed; rather, wait to confirm that the fix is effective.

Reopening a resolved incident

When you reopen an incident, it reverts back to the most recent milestone that was reached before it was resolved.You're also able to change that milestone if you wish.

Note: Reopening an incident doesn't trigger any automation.

Reopening an incident cannot currently be done in Slack. You can only reopen incidents from the FireHydrant UI. To reopen:

  1. In the left nav, click Incidents. Scroll down for the list of resolved incidents and locate the incident you want to reopen.
  2. Click the cog icon under the incident name. From the dropdown that appears, select Reopen incident.
    A pop-up message asks you to confirm that you want to reopen the incident.
  3. Click Confirm to proceed. The incident reopens in the last milestone state that had been reached before it was resolved.

Reopening a resolved incident in Command Center V2

If you are using the updated command center, reopening incidents is even easier. At the bottom right of your screen there is a button to reopen the incident.

Last updated on 2/9/2024